Charlie's Oil Pans is now a licensed dealer and modifier for the Piston Cooling System from Mike's R&D LLC (Mike Laws). The Piston Cooling System (PCS) provides a modification to existing engine blocks that sprays oil directly onto the underside of each piston. This oil stream intensely cools the piston allowing for longer piston life, more aggressive tune-ups and additional lubrication to the wrist pins. Proven to be a requirement for boosted engines, the system also provides advantages to various NA engines as well. Engine markets include: Nitrous, supercharged, turbocharged, naturally aspirated engines using vacuum pumps and more.

     The PCS system works equally as well in dry sump or wet sump engines. Popular classes using the PCS includes Drag, marine, sprint cars, stock cars, truck pullers, road-course racers, land speed racing and more. A particularly interesting & growing market is the popular demo-derby engines due to the added reliability that the PCS provides. The PCS consists of a series of drill fixtures engineered to properly position one jet per cylinder into the engine block. Each kit comes with the fixture(s) and enough tooling and jets to complete one engine. Additional tooling and jets are available from Charlie's Oil Pans.

     Would you rather have your engine block modified for the PCS by a professional? Scott Rose of Charlie's Oil Pans has modified countless engine blocks over the years and is offering this service at a very reasonable rate. Call and talk to Scott about having your engine block modified for piston cooling at: 321-310-0890


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